Peace and blessings Queen. I would like for you to know that what you and Luenell showed me was that black people can and have worked together as comedians. And instead of abandoning my efforts for unity I've increased them. Wednesday night we all agreed to choose the shame show in Jacksonville at the Comedyzone and the energy was so powerful. Thanks you for showing me something so big and positive, that now I have no limit. For the record I have no issues with white people, I just feel we need to learn how to love ourselves. Thank you for what you do!!! - DAVID EMANUEL 


I hope all is well. I had a great time at the convention. Being around other comedians and performing outside of Atlanta was refreshing. Also, the information from the celebrity panel was encouraging. After I recovered from my accident and was able to walk again unassisted, I really didn't want to start doing open mics, again. I had pretty much given up on performing stand-up. I had jokes in my head, but I didn't write them down nor did I rehearse. I hadn't been on a stage in months until I performed in LA. Coming to the convention changed my mind about stand-up and I am going to start back getting on stage soon. Thank you so much for putting together an awesome and educational event. -  Lashawn Grice  

This was my first Comic Rocks Convention and it was a rewarding experience.  I didn't get a chance to speak to you during the convention, (because you were busy working, lol), but I would like to say thank you so much for providing this platform for comedians.  I have been in the comedy game for only 2 years and the knowledge I gained at the convention, truly is priceless. I was saying to myself, had I known about this 2 years ago....but everything happens for a reason and at the right time.  This was the right time for me!  I attended mostly all of the workshops, the presenters were professional and had a wealth of knowledge on the topics they shared with us.  I enjoyed the experiences that Luenell, Tina Graham, and yourself shared about being professional and the business of comedy.  You all kept it real about everything and I took heed to all that was being taught. I look forward to 2018 convention and I wish you all the best and success!!! - Margot Evans  

Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this year CRC.  Your act of kindness will be forever etched in my heart because this Seminar has set my Comedic skills up for a successful beginning; allowing me to avoid unnecessary future downfalls. You are truly a gem. Comedienne - Rozzy Roz  

Babyyy! I had a ball! Not only did I learn so much...I met so many stars that inspired me to keep pushing. Hope Flood and her team was amazing! The event was star studded ya heard me!!! I met a man who owned a cigar bar rt across from the J Spot where we performed and he was super nice and Professional. Made our black men look good! I was proud to call him my brotha. Then, Sherry Shepard walked in!!!! Mannn! I almost died! I said heyyy Sherry gurl! She was so nice and looked like the star she is. Treated me with love and kindness. Then I seen one of my biggest Wednesday crushes...Kim Whitley from Friday! I said omg! Kim! Take a pic with me...lets push our tits out and hold our stomachs in so our pic is shitting on all the other pics! She was fun! Then Earth Quake! Gurl bye! I had a ball! And on top of all this goodness...I won a round and got the chance to travel with Hope and Lue...2 down ass ladies that acted like my mother and auntie! Get yaw asses there! Don't miss out on all this knowledge! All the classes helped pave the way for new adventures! The Radio Station classes...the writing for sitcom classes...etc I've gotten 4x as many jobs since the convention and I am well informed now on knowing when someone is serious or on bs. All taught by the Comics Rock Convention! Head babes in charge... Hope Flood and the Queen... Luenell! - Ms Cut n Up  

Thanks for putting the convention together.   I know you're exhausted cause my old white ass can't hardly move.  I met new friends, re-inforced existing friendships, and came back with memories I'll never forget no matter how hard I try. - Greg Langford  

I did a open mic and looked up and was making money. No one ever really taught me the business or even comedy. I had to pay money invest in myself travel and go learn. Why LA? I live in the Midwest. I learned the business on the right turf. Where entertainers work and play. The culture of LA was experienced on my trip. The price is the convention is inexpensive. 1 single class should have cost more than price of the whole convention. I loved the Radio 101 class, I do a internet radio show. The Improv class by Rodney Perry got us up moving and participating. So no matter where you are in your career you can benefit. I took Comedy 101 and sadly I have to turn gigs down sometimes. Once you know better you do better. I loved seeing Comedians from all over the Country just like me. Almost there trying to make it. Please keep it going. Comedians are lucky all entertainers need this convention.- Aisha Brown  

  I just wanted to say that I'm happy with the overall experience of the Comics Rock Convention and it was definitely a great atmosphere the whole time i was out there. It truly was a life changing experience for me. To say that i actually got to perform at The Comedy Union is such a blessing and i appreciate you so much for allowing that to happen... - Daryl Clark  

Hello hopefully all is well. the convention was full of so much information that i can't wait until next year .I have talked to so many about coming to the convention next year trying to get a group together .also i know it is still early in the planning but i would like to offer to donate the welcome lunch to the convention when ever you start the planning and get some numbers please let me know i gained so much information and have been able to use in several forms of my business what a blessing. - Julie Dickey  

Getting on my last plane I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done. I know alot of people are self centered and couldn't understand even the foundation of that air bnb but I loved it. On a personal note I been living out my car for two months I left a day early so that I can figure out some where to lay my head. That air bnb was the first time I slept in a bed in over 2 months. So I just want to say how much of a humbling experience it was and there are people (me) that look at you as a blessing. You changed my life for one week and that's just some shit in my heart I'll never forget you for. Thank you for everything. P.S (and once again for having the most humblest Son/Guy I met in my life. Enjoy the rest of the time. -  Nandi Imani Brown  

First off, thank you very much for all of your hard work to make the Comics Rock Convention one of the most memorable and hospitable comedy events that I have ever attended. I performed on the standup comedy showcase at the HaHa comedy club on Tuesday April 26th that is a night that I will not soon forget. -  Lloyd Collins 


This convention was so inspirational and motivating. It gave me the push I needed to take comedy serious and pursue and treat it like a business. The workshops were so helpful...I LOVED the social media class with Shango Forbez!!! He was so informative. The Punch Up class with Kente Scott was beneficial. I am STILL using his suggestions. The entertainment law talk with Attorney Weems was very good! Of course Tina JoAnn Graham and Luenell's invaluable advice on all things comedy was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Hope Flood is doing a great service by having this event. Whether you are a veteran or newbie, it's something for everyone! Also meeting comics from everywhere for networking was good too!  - Donna Lewis